Laki Leros

Holidays in Leros


Laki is the main port of Leros famous for its amenities and its unique architecture. You can wander on the wide streets covered by palm trees and spend some time admiring the originality of its buildings. Particularly noted the uniqueness of urban, architectural and morphological character of Lakki. Designed and built from scratch, like a new city, so from the beginning was the design and construction similar to those of the European architecture of the early 20th century.
In the center of the village, which is identical to that of the city designed by the Italians developed, Retail trade, Catering Leisure, Public and Municipal services.
In the mild hills north of the town, developed the residential stands of St. John the Theologian, in the homonymous Byzantine church, and Kamaraki, which function as suburbs of Lakki and Myloi and Plaka particularly extensive and non-densely built area.
The promenade of Laki is one of the most beautiful spots of Leros all along the sea front a wide avenue with Palm trees, cafeterias and restaurants and a yacht marina. There are all kind of shops as well as play grounds for the children. The beach of Koulouki and Merkia are near by as well as the war museum of Leros.







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